After school programme à la carte

Competent and caring supervision of our students outside lessons is an integral part of our concept. We are happy to help you organise your family’s work, school and leisure activities efficiently.

Morning supervision

Children can arrive at school starting at 7:15 a.m. and play with their classmates or prepare for the day. Lessons commence at 8:30 a.m.

Lunch at kindergarten and primary school

A balanced and healthy meal is prepared by the WIN4 catering service every day for all children in our school who do not bring their own food from home. Playtime thereafter is always supervised.

Afternoon supervision

Spoilt for choice: experienced and motivated staff are responsible for our extensive range of afternoon activities. The different clubs are not only fun, but also promote social competence, empowerment, personal responsibility and creativity. Children can choose to take part depending on their strengths and they have an opportunity to experience success alone or as part of a team.

Children are moreover free to use the school grounds to play or enjoy something creative in the afternoons: sport facilities, table tennis, chess and all sorts of crafting materials are available. Supervisors are of course always there.


The proximity of the WIN4 campus to a wide variety of sport facilities gives ABSW students the opportunity to join a wide variety of sport clubs and activities. As our school community grows we plan to field our own sport teams for competitions with other schools. Go Lions!


Beginning in primary 3, all classes participate in a camp each year. These events take place during the school year.

Supervision during school holidays

We also offer attractive programmes for all age groups during eight weeks of the school holidays.

Our afternoon clubs:


  • Creative Club
    We do a variety of creative activities with different types of materials and also explore the world of cooking and baking.
  • Mini Adventure Club
    Once a week, we visit a park, museum, theatre or other playing facilities in Winterthur.

Primary School:

Students can choose from various clubs, e.g.

  • Homework Club
    We complete homework together and work on individual weekly targets.
  • Sports Club
    Students get to know a variety of team sports such as football, floorball, basketball etc.
  • Art Club
    Children do creative work with many different types of materials: water colours, crayons, playdough or clay.
  • Adventure Club
    Children do exciting things together: they master climbing walls, visit farms, make fire in the forest, build huts, visit the zoo or interesting exhibitions.
  • Cooking Club
    Students learn how to cook together and find out about healthy eating.
  • Dance Club
    Children learn various step combinations and choreographies. They can improve their sense of rhythm and mobility and express themselves to music.
  • Computer and Media Club

Please note: Some clubs in kindergarten and primary school are together. Not all clubs are available every semester.

Secondary School:

At the moment, Secondary School students can participate in the Primary School clubs. We will offer clubs exclusively for Secondary School students in the future.